Traditional or Airbrush Foundation?

This blog post is mainly for all of my current, future and past brides. What is traditional foundation versus airbrush foundation?

Traditional foundation comes in a few different forms: liquid, cream or powder. Most people are familiar with liquid foundations. They come in different finishes, whether you’re looking for a matte and poreless look or something glowing and dewy. Liquid foundations can be applied with sponges, beauty blenders or with a brush. It is also available in light coverage, medium coverage and full coverage.

Airbrush foundation comes in one form, liquid (that is usually in a pod or a tube). It can only be applied with an airbrush air compressor. Think of it like a spray paint gun, but for your face. The foundation is applied with compressed air which “sprays” out the foundation in little particles that you apply over the skin at a distance. It “blurs” the look of imperfections and usually comes in just one finish, a more satin finish. It is not dewy and not matte, it is definitely in between.

Pros and Cons of both?

Traditional foundation:

The good stuff:

  • It comes in many forms (liquid, powder, cream)
  • It has many finishes (matte, dewy, satin)
  • It can be manipulated and mixed
  • You can mix shades
  • It is easily blended
  • It is compatible with all skin types (young and mature skin)
  • It works great for covering up anything and everything
  • It works great on textured skin and for people with large pores and fine lines
  • It can be very long wearing
  • It can look virtually flawless on the skin
  • No drying time needed
  • You can set it easily with powder
  • Your more in control in blending

The not so nice stuff:

  • Most people think it is not as good as airbrush foundation
  • Some people are afraid of approaching certain finishes (eg. oily people are afraid to use dewy foundation, while dry people are afraid to use matte foundation)
  • Sometimes it can be hard to find “the perfect” foundation as there are SO many to choose from
  • The higher end foundations apply better and wear better (in my opinion), but they can be quite expensive verses drugstore foundations
  • It can look “cakey” if it is not applied properly

Airbrush foundation:

The good stuff:

  • It is a popular choice for brides (based on the WORD “airbrush”)
  • It is much newer and more innovative than traditional foundation
  • It can look virtually flawless on the skin
  • It blurs imperfections
  • It lets your skin peek through
  • It can be long wearing
  • It is great for the summer as it is light on the skin
  • It looks great on people with “perfect” skin

The not so nice stuff:

  • It takes a long time to dry
  • If you touch it while it is still wet, it smears
  • You can only use one shade
  • It sits on top of the skin (and does not fill pores)
  • It does not work for people with fine lines or texture
  • It is very expensive to own an air compressor/airbrush pods
  • It can look “cakey” if it is not applied properly
  • It is not full coverage
  • You feel like your “out of control” when using the compressor as you cannot blend the same way you can with a brush/sponge

What is my take on it? Personally, I love traditional foundation. But that is because I love to change my “look” on a daily basis. Some days I want to look healthy and glowing, other days I want to look matte and completely poreless. I love that I can adjust coverage and custom mix colors to suit my skintone. What do I love using on my clients? I use both. But I personally love traditional foundation the most. I love that I can make people look absolutely flawless with it (whether they have some fine lines, large pores or acne prone skin). Big time celebrity makeup artists like Tamanna (@DressYourFace) prefers traditional foundation in her kit as she is able to custom blend her foundations. If you are more “old fashioned” and like to use your hands, traditional foundation is perfect for you. I love that I can do liquid contour/highlight with traditional foundation as well as powder contour/highlight. With airbrush I feel that I am very limited once I apply it (I cannot use a cream contour the same way), so I end up using powder contour instead. To be honest, both do look flawless in photos, it’s just the close up look that matters more to me.

Here are two images of clients that I have done with traditional foundation:


And here are images of clients I have used airbrush on:

13590516_2066999536857819_8472208931510665195_nPhoto 2016-06-29, 10 10 22 AM

Both look great in photos. In the end it is totally personal preference. I just wanted to mention both as I do have one preference over the other, even though I do offer both in my professional makeup kit.


PS I am SO SORRY I have been behind in my blog posts. I promise to try to keep up better from now on!


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Review: Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation

Here is my first review on my blog! It’s all about that new foundation you have seen all over Instagram and Youtube. Is it worth the hype? Let’s find out!


Here are the claims of this foundation directly from Tarte’s website:

-12 hour wear
-Full coverage
-20% water based
-Antioxidant packed

Here’s my take on it (and no, this is not a sponsored post – I am just another makeup junkie wanting to help you out if you want to give this foundation a try!)

The good stuff:

-It is VERY light
-It looks like skin
-It blends very easily, and it does not look cakey
-It is VERY moisturizing
-It gives your skin a glow
-This works great on dry or normal/combination skin

The not so nice stuff:

-It does start to fade after about 8 hours (if you set it with a powder, it will likely last a lot longer)
-I find it to be more of a medium coverage foundation than a full coverage foundation
-It can be a little more tricky to work with for oily skin gals (read up on my last blog post for tips and learn about my favorite products for oily skin, click here now)

Personally, I do love this foundation. I am already on my second bottle and I only purchased the first one when it came out a few months ago. I am in the shade light-medium-neutral. I am more on the combination/oily side, but I find it still works great – as long as I set it with a powder. If I do not set it, I do look quite shiny after a few hours. I absolutely love this foundation for the summer time, it is so light weight and it does not even feel like you are wearing anything! It looks so healthy and gives you a natural glow. It comes with a dropper so you dispense a bit out and then apply it to the skin. It is definitely less messy than the foundations that you have to pour out. My favorite way to apply it is with my beauty blender – but be aware that this will sheer out the coverage more than with a foundation brush. I just feel like it applies more flawlessly this way.

My overall rating? I give it a solid 8/10! It is definitely one of my favorites! Give it a go and grab a sample at your local Sephora.

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