Why hire a professional Makeup Artist?

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Senior Artist, Sana Saleh – getting a bride ready for her big day. Photography by Selina Photography (selinaphotography.ca)

So you are getting married or you have prom coming up, OR you are getting family pictures done and want to look your absolute best. Whatever the occasion might be, is it worth hiring a professional Makeup Artist? Some people wonder what the “cost” of hiring a professional entails, especially when it comes to makeup. Is it really worth the investment? I am going to break down the basics for you:

  1. The most obvious, you are paying for a beautiful makeover. A makeup artist works with your features, skin tone, vision and inspiration to create the most perfect makeup look – suited just for you. That is one thing you cannot compare to doing the makeup yourself, it will leave you looking flawless and absolutely stunning. The makeup is designed to be camera friendly, so each and every photo someone takes of you will look impeccable.
  2. You are supporting a small business, normally a self-employed artist does this work for a reason. There is a reason why they have such a passion for it. They want to beautify you as they have the skills to do it. They do it for the flexibility in hours, to be able to be their own boss, to pay the bills and of course, to spend more time with their families. But most importantly, you are supporting someone local.
  3. As a mobile Artist, I am available to come to YOU, wherever that may be. I have made trips all over the Okanagan for brides in the wee hours of the day. I do it for a fee of course, but it gives you (as the customer) the ability to have someone arrive at your location, fully equipped without needing to travel yourself to do your makeup. The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is travel somewhere just to get your makeup done, when you have a million other things to do. So, as a Makeup Artist, we travel to you while spending the extra hours and minutes needed out of our day to get to your destination, we spend on gas, the wear and tear on our vehicles and insurance costs.
  4. You are paying for the high quality makeup and brushes used in the professional makeup kit. Makeup is not cheap. I mostly use high end products in my kit (anything from MAC Cosmetics, to Anastasia Beverly Hills and even Hourglass Cosmetics). These brands are leading the industry right now. There are always new products on the market, and we are constantly adding these items to our kit – to deliver the best products to you as the customer. High quality brushes are also used in our kits, and are quite the investment too. I also forgot to mention the cost of our products on a daily basis (lashes, foundation, mascara), all of these things and more need to be replaced every few weeks as they are consumable products. So we are constantly adding new things to our kits as well as spending on products.
  5. You are paying for the countless hours the Artist has spent in training, or the continuing education/seminars they might be receiving now. I cannot speak to the cost of education myself as I am self-taught artist. Although I do take online makeup classes to brush up on new techniques and skills, and there is a cost to it. Not to say that YouTube tutorials are not enough, as I watch plenty of those to – but online makeup courses that you pay for are more geared towards actual Artists in the field.
  6. You pay for the hours an Artist puts in to update their websites, Facebook pages, Instagram feeds and to respond to all of your inquiries via email or telephone.
  7. When you search up an Artist on Facebook or Google, you are paying for the cost of their marketing materials, business supplies and website hosting. As well as their phone bill, computer and other office supplies to help run their business.
  8. Of course, the most obvious one, is the cost of paying an Artist to be away from their loved ones for a certain amount of time.
  9. My favorite and last one, you are paying to have your makeup done by someone who is extremely passionate about their work. They are committed to making you feel beautiful. And you are paying to have a relaxed makeup application while they give you the best pampering session, ever! Imagine being a Kardashian, would it not be awesome to get your makeup done everyday?!

I have seen images floating around about why it is important to hire a professional, so I wanted to give a breakdown of what it truly does entail to hire a professional Artist. I hope this article helps for anyone wanting to hire someone to beautify you on one of the most memorable days of your life!

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Sana Saleh
Senior Artist
Amana Beauty