Why hire a professional Makeup Artist?

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Senior Artist, Sana Saleh – getting a bride ready for her big day. Photography by Selina Photography (selinaphotography.ca)

So you are getting married or you have prom coming up, OR you are getting family pictures done and want to look your absolute best. Whatever the occasion might be, is it worth hiring a professional Makeup Artist? Some people wonder what the “cost” of hiring a professional entails, especially when it comes to makeup. Is it really worth the investment? I am going to break down the basics for you:

  1. The most obvious, you are paying for a beautiful makeover. A makeup artist works with your features, skin tone, vision and inspiration to create the most perfect makeup look – suited just for you. That is one thing you cannot compare to doing the makeup yourself, it will leave you looking flawless and absolutely stunning. The makeup is designed to be camera friendly, so each and every photo someone takes of you will look impeccable.
  2. You are supporting a small business, normally a self-employed artist does this work for a reason. There is a reason why they have such a passion for it. They want to beautify you as they have the skills to do it. They do it for the flexibility in hours, to be able to be their own boss, to pay the bills and of course, to spend more time with their families. But most importantly, you are supporting someone local.
  3. As a mobile Artist, I am available to come to YOU, wherever that may be. I have made trips all over the Okanagan for brides in the wee hours of the day. I do it for a fee of course, but it gives you (as the customer) the ability to have someone arrive at your location, fully equipped without needing to travel yourself to do your makeup. The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is travel somewhere just to get your makeup done, when you have a million other things to do. So, as a Makeup Artist, we travel to you while spending the extra hours and minutes needed out of our day to get to your destination, we spend on gas, the wear and tear on our vehicles and insurance costs.
  4. You are paying for the high quality makeup and brushes used in the professional makeup kit. Makeup is not cheap. I mostly use high end products in my kit (anything from MAC Cosmetics, to Anastasia Beverly Hills and even Hourglass Cosmetics). These brands are leading the industry right now. There are always new products on the market, and we are constantly adding these items to our kit – to deliver the best products to you as the customer. High quality brushes are also used in our kits, and are quite the investment too. I also forgot to mention the cost of our products on a daily basis (lashes, foundation, mascara), all of these things and more need to be replaced every few weeks as they are consumable products. So we are constantly adding new things to our kits as well as spending on products.
  5. You are paying for the countless hours the Artist has spent in training, or the continuing education/seminars they might be receiving now. I cannot speak to the cost of education myself as I am self-taught artist. Although I do take online makeup classes to brush up on new techniques and skills, and there is a cost to it. Not to say that YouTube tutorials are not enough, as I watch plenty of those to – but online makeup courses that you pay for are more geared towards actual Artists in the field.
  6. You pay for the hours an Artist puts in to update their websites, Facebook pages, Instagram feeds and to respond to all of your inquiries via email or telephone.
  7. When you search up an Artist on Facebook or Google, you are paying for the cost of their marketing materials, business supplies and website hosting. As well as their phone bill, computer and other office supplies to help run their business.
  8. Of course, the most obvious one, is the cost of paying an Artist to be away from their loved ones for a certain amount of time.
  9. My favorite and last one, you are paying to have your makeup done by someone who is extremely passionate about their work. They are committed to making you feel beautiful. And you are paying to have a relaxed makeup application while they give you the best pampering session, ever! Imagine being a Kardashian, would it not be awesome to get your makeup done everyday?!

I have seen images floating around about why it is important to hire a professional, so I wanted to give a breakdown of what it truly does entail to hire a professional Artist. I hope this article helps for anyone wanting to hire someone to beautify you on one of the most memorable days of your life!

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Sana Saleh
Senior Artist
Amana Beauty


Traditional or Airbrush Foundation?

This blog post is mainly for all of my current, future and past brides. What is traditional foundation versus airbrush foundation?

Traditional foundation comes in a few different forms: liquid, cream or powder. Most people are familiar with liquid foundations. They come in different finishes, whether you’re looking for a matte and poreless look or something glowing and dewy. Liquid foundations can be applied with sponges, beauty blenders or with a brush. It is also available in light coverage, medium coverage and full coverage.

Airbrush foundation comes in one form, liquid (that is usually in a pod or a tube). It can only be applied with an airbrush air compressor. Think of it like a spray paint gun, but for your face. The foundation is applied with compressed air which “sprays” out the foundation in little particles that you apply over the skin at a distance. It “blurs” the look of imperfections and usually comes in just one finish, a more satin finish. It is not dewy and not matte, it is definitely in between.

Pros and Cons of both?

Traditional foundation:

The good stuff:

  • It comes in many forms (liquid, powder, cream)
  • It has many finishes (matte, dewy, satin)
  • It can be manipulated and mixed
  • You can mix shades
  • It is easily blended
  • It is compatible with all skin types (young and mature skin)
  • It works great for covering up anything and everything
  • It works great on textured skin and for people with large pores and fine lines
  • It can be very long wearing
  • It can look virtually flawless on the skin
  • No drying time needed
  • You can set it easily with powder
  • Your more in control in blending

The not so nice stuff:

  • Most people think it is not as good as airbrush foundation
  • Some people are afraid of approaching certain finishes (eg. oily people are afraid to use dewy foundation, while dry people are afraid to use matte foundation)
  • Sometimes it can be hard to find “the perfect” foundation as there are SO many to choose from
  • The higher end foundations apply better and wear better (in my opinion), but they can be quite expensive verses drugstore foundations
  • It can look “cakey” if it is not applied properly

Airbrush foundation:

The good stuff:

  • It is a popular choice for brides (based on the WORD “airbrush”)
  • It is much newer and more innovative than traditional foundation
  • It can look virtually flawless on the skin
  • It blurs imperfections
  • It lets your skin peek through
  • It can be long wearing
  • It is great for the summer as it is light on the skin
  • It looks great on people with “perfect” skin

The not so nice stuff:

  • It takes a long time to dry
  • If you touch it while it is still wet, it smears
  • You can only use one shade
  • It sits on top of the skin (and does not fill pores)
  • It does not work for people with fine lines or texture
  • It is very expensive to own an air compressor/airbrush pods
  • It can look “cakey” if it is not applied properly
  • It is not full coverage
  • You feel like your “out of control” when using the compressor as you cannot blend the same way you can with a brush/sponge

What is my take on it? Personally, I love traditional foundation. But that is because I love to change my “look” on a daily basis. Some days I want to look healthy and glowing, other days I want to look matte and completely poreless. I love that I can adjust coverage and custom mix colors to suit my skintone. What do I love using on my clients? I use both. But I personally love traditional foundation the most. I love that I can make people look absolutely flawless with it (whether they have some fine lines, large pores or acne prone skin). Big time celebrity makeup artists like Tamanna (@DressYourFace) prefers traditional foundation in her kit as she is able to custom blend her foundations. If you are more “old fashioned” and like to use your hands, traditional foundation is perfect for you. I love that I can do liquid contour/highlight with traditional foundation as well as powder contour/highlight. With airbrush I feel that I am very limited once I apply it (I cannot use a cream contour the same way), so I end up using powder contour instead. To be honest, both do look flawless in photos, it’s just the close up look that matters more to me.

Here are two images of clients that I have done with traditional foundation:


And here are images of clients I have used airbrush on:

13590516_2066999536857819_8472208931510665195_nPhoto 2016-06-29, 10 10 22 AM

Both look great in photos. In the end it is totally personal preference. I just wanted to mention both as I do have one preference over the other, even though I do offer both in my professional makeup kit.


PS I am SO SORRY I have been behind in my blog posts. I promise to try to keep up better from now on!


Senior Makeup Artist
Amana Beauty

Top 5 Products for Oily Skin

Photo 2016-06-29, 11 02 03 AM (1).jpg

To all of my oily skin sisters – I got you. I understand what it’s like to have an oily T-Zone…some days it feels like you could whip up a fried egg with all that grease! But not any more! I have found five amazing products to keep my oily skin at bay.

  1. Cover FX Custom Blot Drops – Its a gel consistency, and kind of feels like a watery primer. You can use it under or over your foundation. It basically keeps your skin matte. My favorite way to use it us just after I apply moisturizer, I apply the blot drops – then my foundation on top. I find it keeps my foundation and face shine free all day and you only need a pea size amount to do the job!
  2. MAC Pressed Blot Powder – My shade is in “medium-dark.” I find it to be more of a translucent finish on the skin. This powder does wonders for oily skin! I just dust some on top of my foundation and it instantly mattifies my face. I find it also keeps my foundation on longer too. I use this in place of other powders. A little goes a long way!
  3. Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray – Mine is in the scent “peach.” And yes, it truly does smell like peaches. I call it “hairspray for the face.” I basically finish applying all of my makeup then I close my eyes and spritz this stuff all over my face. It is cooling and refreshing, and its like smelling fuzzy peaches! It helps my makeup last longer, it sets my powders in place, and it’s just overall a pleasant thing to do once your done your makeup. You will love this scent. Just don’t be tempted to eat it…
  4. MAC Face and Body Foundation – Mine is in the shade “C2.” Basically that means it’s a “cooler” toned shade, and relatively neutral. I love this foundation! It is a new favorite for me and honestly, it’s absolutely beautiful. Not many people know about this foundation, and I feel like it does not get as much credit as it deserves. It is absolutely PERFECT for the summer time, when you want to look somewhat put together but do not want to have a full face of makeup. It is more light to medium coverage, with a satin/dewy finish. But wait! Do not be drawn away from the dewy look just because you are oily. Although you might be getting away from a greasy face, trust me on this – you want this in your life. It gives your skin a healthy glow (which is a great alternative to matte foundations) and it looks like your skin but better. It is long wearing , transfer resistant, and it does a great job at keeping my skin looking good. However, I DO set it with a powder, only on my forehead (or else it will look quite greasy after you apply it). My favorite way to apply it is with a beauty blender, although a lot of makeup artists prefer to use their fingers (yikes!) which is completely ok as long as they are clean. Some MUA’s think it blends better into the skin. If you are afraid of investing in it right away, go to your local MAC counter and get a sample. Give it a few days and experiment with different setting powders before you give up, trust me on this, it’s a stunning foundation and perfect for brides! I use it in my own makeup kit for my bridal clients.
  5. Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Foundation – Mine is in the shade “35.” I have gone through like three of these bottles over the years. It is a matte foundation, and more of a medium to full coverage. I use a beauty blender to apply this one too. It helps keep shine at bay and its great for special occasions! Just be aware that it is matte so if you want to add some life back into your skin, you will need to apply a liquid or powder highlight on your cheekbones to give you a glow again.

I hope this article helps you ladies! Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite products are for oily skin. I am always on the hunt to try new things! Stay in touch on my blog for more tips in the future. Click follow down below so you can get email notifications!


Behind the Scenes of a Beauty Blogger

Hello world! I am excited to announce that I will now be starting a beauty blog on my Amana Beauty website! Since I am already in the industry as a makeup artist, I am always asked about the best products, reviews and new releases – so I decided to create an “all things beautiful blog” where I can share my tips, tricks, secrets, reviews, swatches and more!

I am guessing you stumbled across my blog from some form of social media, so welcome! Who am I? I am a mother, wife, social worker, makeup artist, skin care consultant, entrepreneur and peace activist. Wow that is a mouthful! Yes, I am all of those things and much more. How on earth did I become a social worker and then a makeup artist?

Lets start at the beginning… I honestly did not really have a huge love for makeup until after high school. I remember when my sister first bought me mascara  in grade 10, that was life changing! I grew up watching my sisters do their makeup, and they were pros! They are also self-taught, and I just watched them and then started to get into products and techniques when I graduated from high school. My love of makeup kind of spiralled from there, it became a very quick addiction – yes, I am a VIB Rouge at Sephora and sometimes it shocks me at how much I spend on makeup. But hey, its something for me and I love it! I am a self taught artist. I started taking online classes through Dress Your Face and I have learned a TON. These days, it takes practice and skill, not necessarily a formal education to be good at makeup. Most of the huge makeup artists in the industry are self-taught.

Empowering and helping people has always been in my blood. I found Social Work and fell in love with it. I love to listen, inspire and help create change. My concentration was in child welfare, and my heart will always be with families in need. As I completed University with my Bachelor of Social Work degree, I needed an outlet where I could relax, be a girl and enjoy myself. Makeup was my answer. My work outside of makeup was stressful, but I was able to release those emotions through makeup. I got married, and my husband said “you love doing this, so why not turn it into a business?” And I thought, wow – he is right, what exactly is stopping me? And I have not looked back since! I quickly gained a great reputation in the Okanagan with some amazing wedding photographers (Alisha Khan Photography and Selina Photography – thank you ladies!) I became a mother to a beautiful princess one year ago, and ever since I have been able to pursue makeup way more than I could while I was working full-time. I am now a published artist in four different magazines (crazy!) and I am loving every minute of it!

I want to share my love of makeup and skin care with the world, and I want you to be a part of it! Stay tuned on this blog for weekly updates on everything beauty related. It is a place where you can come, put your feet up, grab a cup of tea and relax.

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Beauty & The Bed

My makeup has been PUBLISHED on the front cover of Bellissima Bridal Magazine! Including a ten page spread inside! Check out the stunning images below.

PUBLISHED on the front cover of Bellissima Bridal Magazine

Makeup: Amana Beauty
Model: Kelsey Wise from DVM – Dejavu Model Management
PhotographyAlisha Khan Photography
Dress: Lillian Wild Bridal
Accessories: Snazzy Designs
Florals: Landmark Flowers
Decor: Blushing Pear Vintage Rentals


Operah Opulence









Pocahontas Photoshoot







Fashion Photoshoot






Okanagan Makeup Artist

In this beauty and fashion crazed world, I have always had the desire to create something unique and do my part to add to the beauty industry. By simply mixing a few shades, tones, or highlights – you can improve the self esteem of yourself and others. As I have a Bachelors Degree in Social Work, I understand that people as a whole need feel comfortable in their own skin. Everyone is unique and no two canvases are the same in the makeup industry, and this has given me a drive to perfect all skin types and colors. Growing up in the Okanagan, I knew that the beauty industry in the area lacked in quality makeup applications. When I began working as a Makeup Artist, I built my kit knowing that if I was a client, I would want only the best products on the market to be used on me. That has been my vision in creating Amana Beauty, I want to give women the chance to feel beautiful and well taken care of.