Behind the Scenes of a Beauty Blogger

Hello world! I am excited to announce that I will now be starting a beauty blog on my Amana Beauty website! Since I am already in the industry as a makeup artist, I am always asked about the best products, reviews and new releases – so I decided to create an “all things beautiful blog” where I can share my tips, tricks, secrets, reviews, swatches and more!

I am guessing you stumbled across my blog from some form of social media, so welcome! Who am I? I am a mother, wife, social worker, makeup artist, skin care consultant, entrepreneur and peace activist. Wow that is a mouthful! Yes, I am all of those things and much more. How on earth did I become a social worker and then a makeup artist?

Lets start at the beginning… I honestly did not really have a huge love for makeup until after high school. I remember when my sister first bought me mascara  in grade 10, that was life changing! I grew up watching my sisters do their makeup, and they were pros! They are also self-taught, and I just watched them and then started to get into products and techniques when I graduated from high school. My love of makeup kind of spiralled from there, it became a very quick addiction – yes, I am a VIB Rouge at Sephora and sometimes it shocks me at how much I spend on makeup. But hey, its something for me and I love it! I am a self taught artist. I started taking online classes through Dress Your Face and I have learned a TON. These days, it takes practice and skill, not necessarily a formal education to be good at makeup. Most of the huge makeup artists in the industry are self-taught.

Empowering and helping people has always been in my blood. I found Social Work and fell in love with it. I love to listen, inspire and help create change. My concentration was in child welfare, and my heart will always be with families in need. As I completed University with my Bachelor of Social Work degree, I needed an outlet where I could relax, be a girl and enjoy myself. Makeup was my answer. My work outside of makeup was stressful, but I was able to release those emotions through makeup. I got married, and my husband said “you love doing this, so why not turn it into a business?” And I thought, wow – he is right, what exactly is stopping me? And I have not looked back since! I quickly gained a great reputation in the Okanagan with some amazing wedding photographers (Alisha Khan Photography and Selina Photography – thank you ladies!) I became a mother to a beautiful princess one year ago, and ever since I have been able to pursue makeup way more than I could while I was working full-time. I am now a published artist in four different magazines (crazy!) and I am loving every minute of it!

I want to share my love of makeup and skin care with the world, and I want you to be a part of it! Stay tuned on this blog for weekly updates on everything beauty related. It is a place where you can come, put your feet up, grab a cup of tea and relax.

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